TSC SW Podcast #6 Ian Hunkin - Trust, Safety, Staff and Pupil Wellbeing

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Ian Hunkin works as the Director of The Sigma Teaching School

Ian Hunkin works as the Director of The Sigma Teaching School which is a part of Delta Education Trust. Ian has previously worked as a Headteacher, Director of Multi-Agency Services and as an Educational Psychologist.

Sigma is an alliance of Poole, Dorset and Hampshire primary, secondary, alternative provision and special schools with the shared aim of working collaboratively to improve outcomes for all students within their schools and beyond.

In this podcast Jim talks with Ian Hunkin about trust, safety, staff and pupil wellbeing. Ian is the author of some fantastic free online training provided by DELTA Education Trust designed to support staff in managing students through possible trauma and considerations for both student and staff wellbeing needs, based on the importance of safety and trust.


Timeline (mins):

00.00 Introduction: Jim

02.17 Question 1: Ian tell me a bit more about your background, what experiences in your career have been formative in the design of this training material?

06:50 Question2: Ok so lets talk through the key messages from each of the four sessions. Firstly, tell me about the transformative power of feeling safe.

16:30 Question 3: We have talked about Trust. What can you tell me about rebuilding trust and why it is important?

27.48 Question 4: Lastly, you have published two sessions on our well-being. Self care and organisational care, and mindfulness is a superpower!

40.12 Re-opening schools: 5 key evidenced based considerations for everyone’s well-being

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