TSC SW Podcast #5 : Lorwyn Randall - Education Endowment Foundation

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In this podcast Jim talks to Lorwyn Randall the Education Endowment Foundation Regional Delivery Lead for the South West & South Coast. 

Lorwyn leads the EEF’s school improvement work in the South West & South Coast. He works closely with the Research School Network and other Improvement Partners in the system to broaden schools’ understanding of evidence and provide access to guidance, training and support in the region. 

The focus of the podcast is EEF’s recent work to support schools during the period of school closure and the following recovery phase.

Timeline (mins):

Introduction – Context SW schools CPD and support survey and priority around supporting vulnerable children. 

01:25 Lorwyn, could you explain your role in the SW and that of the EEF? 

03:15 Lorwyn talks through kety recommendations from the ‘Rapid evidence-review on remote learning’ 

20:50 ‘Support for schools publication’ 

26:15 ‘How schools can support parents’

Links referred to in the podcast:

Education Endowment Foundation - https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk

Lorwyn can be found on Twitter on @LorwynRandall and Jim  @jimrogers72