TSC SW Podcast #2: International Perspective

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In our second podcast Jim Rogers explores the international perspective with Casper Rongsted of the Nordic Schools.

As Denmark is beginning to open their schools, Casper and Jim discuss how Denmark has managed the school closures and are now preparing for the return of the younger students.

Staff and student well-being is something the Danish schools are known for, and how they have maintained this during school closures is discussed, as well as creative ways for managing social distance using the outdoors.



Timeline (mins):

2:03 Q1: What has been the Danish educational experience of lockdown, particularly how have the schools supported the welfare of staff and students?

7:52 Q2: academic catch-up and Danish approach.

9:22 Q3: Welfare well-being what has been done to maintain staff and student well-being

12:55 Q4: Danish approach to teaching online and importance of ‘live’ lessons

17:00 Q5: Drawing from the positives in the current situation - capitalising on rapport and relationships. Top tips.

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Casper can be found on LinkedIn as https://www.linkedin.com/in/casper-rongsted-2358797/
Jim can be found on Twitter as  @jimrogers72 and www.jimrogerstraining.co.uk