The Strategic Leadership of SEND in Schools - Save the Date!

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SEND ClassroomPlymouth Council and Whole School SEND are organising two sessions for Headteachers, Governors and school leadership teams on the essential information and actions in leading and governing SEND across a school.

The training will be led by Malcom Reeve, National Leader at Whole School SEND, a National Leader in Education (NLE) and author of the SEND Review Framework for multi-academy trusts and Erica Wolstenholme, National Coordinator at Whole School SEND and SEND consultant.

Every Leader a Leader of SEND and Every Governor a Governor of SEND have been delivered in many areas across England and together with their associated practical tools are influencing both practice and the leadership, management and governance of SEND in schools and academies.

Every Leader a Leader of SEND

22nd November 4.00-5.30pm

What it means for every school leader to be a leader of SEND and how leadership of SEND starts at the top of the organisation. A focus on the 6 principles/pillars of SEND leadership in mainstream schools:

  • SEND Code of Practice
  • SEND Identification and having the strategic overview
  • SEND Review Framework 
  • SEND in a Nutshell
  • SEND Development Planning
  • SEND and Ofsted


Every Governor a Governor of SEND

7th December 6.00-8.00pm

What it means to be a governor/trustee of SEND, SEND and the law, how responsibilities for SEND lie with all governors and not just the designated SEND governor. It is designed to deepen governor’s understanding of:

  • The SEND Code of Practice
  • The Equality Act and SEND
  • The WSS Governance SEND Review Guide
  • A one-page report providing and overview of SEND for Governors
  • Implications of the Ofsted Framework for Governance of SEND