Teacher Subject Specialism Training in the South West

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What we offer:

  • Programme for non-specialists to retrain as teachers of Secondary Maths, Core Maths, Physics and MFL. We are particularly keen to recruit in North Devon and Cornwall
  • During 2018-19, 250 participants have received training from our eleven Local Lead providers. Places are still available until August 2019
  • We will be able to offer around 300 placements during 2019-20
  • The training is free, flexible and bespoke and is delivered either during the school day, as twilights or during weekends and holidays
  • Blended training with at least 30 hours (5/6 days in total) of monitored learning including pedagogy and subject knowledge workshops, online and paper assessments which track learning journeys plus supportive observations in the classroom with focussed targets
  • Fully validated by our University partners and endorsed by DfE
  • DfE will update TRNs for teachers such that they are recognised as qualified teachers of their new subjects

What we require from participants:

  • Willingness to undertake between 50 and 60 hours of training in total during the year

What we require from Heads and Principals:

  • Willingness to release teachers during the school day to attend these free courses
  • A contribution towards cover is available to assist in off-setting costs
  • In terms of Maths, the recognition that the new OFSTED framework priorities include subject knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge which is developed and enhanced through TSST training


Please visit our website southwesttsst.co.uk and twitter @southwesttsst

You can also use these links to view the TSST Secondary Maths Fasttrack Flyer, the Conrwall Physics TSST flyer and the Teacher Subject Specialism Training in the South West flyer.

Andy Oldman, Southwest TSST Director will be happy to answer any questions:

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