Secondary Maths TSST Online course

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TSST have successfully set up, in agreement with the DfE, an online TSST course to enable non-specialists to become Secondary Maths teachers.  This is the first of its type in the country and is available only in the Southwest of England at present, and is in response to the current circumstances schools are facing.

Its features are:

  1. This one-off course will comprise 30 hours live online training, and will be available even during school closure periods
  2. The programme is entirely free and is designed to be delivered when teachers are not teaching – so no cover costs
  3. Successful applicants will have their TRNs adapted to reflect their new status as Maths teachers
  4. The course will be delivered by experts such as Teaching For Mastery Specialists or SLEs
  • Teachers who successfully complete the course will qualify for a £200 bursary for their school – for each participant

Please share will your teaching staff – this is a unique opportunity.  Planned dates to be clarified in the very near future.  To apply please click on the embedded link on the flyer.