Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West Newsletter – December 2018

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For the latest Regional Schools Commissioner newsletter for the South West, please click here.

The a few of the main messages are:

  • South West Headteacher Boards (HTB) and dates.
  • Delivery Teams and their role in the RSC SW Office.
  • Useful resources for trusts.
  • A Letter from Tony Bloxham, Teaching Schools Council

Many of you will already have seen this important letter from Tony Bloxham on behalf of the Teaching School Council in the South West. If you have not, please have a look via this link.  This letter introduces the strategy proposal that Team SW has been working on with its partners (RSC, DfE, NLGs, LAs and Dioceses) during the Autumn term, to lead and support school improvement in the South West region.  The attachments referred to in the letter can be found here and here.