Plymouth Trauma and Mental Health-Informed Schools - Training

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This course is designed to support Senior Leads to implement trauma-informed and mentally-healthy practices into their schools and organisations. TISUK recognises the importance of the commitment and determination of Senior Leads to fully embed any approach or cultural change. The course will ensure that Senior Leads have the knowledge, skills and understanding to optimise the well-being of both adults and pupils in their school and drive this crucial cultural change.

Delegates will gain a wealth of effective, time andmoney-saving ways of working with a child’s challenging behaviour and the mental health issues that block learning.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the10-day course Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools and Communities (Practitioner Status)enabling Senior Leads to fully support the TMHipractitioners they send on the Diploma course, many of whom could then become the school’s Mental HealthLead.

The course aims to positively impact on pupils, staff and the whole school community, moving towards developinga mentally-healthy culture for all. The highly innovative relational, regulatory and reflective skills are backed byover 1000 evidence-based studies in neuroscience andpsychology. Each course is informed by the work of senior psychologists and educators.

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