Every Governor a Governor of SEND - Slides and Webinar Recording

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EGAGOSWhat it means to be a governor/trustee of SEND, SEND and the law, how responsibilities for SEND lie with all governors and not just the designated SEND governor. 

Session objectives were to deepen governor’s understanding of:

  • The SEND Code of Practice
  • The Equality Act and SEND
  • The WSS Governance SEND Review Guide
  • A one-page report providing and overview of SEND for Governors
  • Implications of the Ofsted Framework for Governance of SEND

The training was led by Malcom Reeve, National Leader at Whole School SEND, a National Leader in Education (NLE) and author of the SEND Review Framework for multi-academy trusts and Erica Wolstenholme, National Coordinator at Whole School SEND and SEND consultant.

Slides and a recording of the session are now available here:


Plymouth City Council funded 11 Day Blended Learning Diploma Courses 2022 for Staff in Plymouth Schools

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Diploma in Trauma Mental HealthProfessor Tamsin Ford (University of Exeter Medical School) states that “schools are a front line service in relation to mental health” (2018) In light of this, our practical skills based training course underpinned by over 1000 evidence-based psychological, medical and neuroscientific research studies is designed to inform and empower school staff to respond effectively to vulnerable children and those who have suffered a trauma or have a mental health issue. Without such interventions, painful life experiences are likely to present in challenging behaviour and/or blocks to learning.

The training provides delegates with key insights into the psychology and neuroscience of mental ill-health and challenging behaviour alongside vital tools and techniques in knowing how to respond to a child’s narrative of painful life events. So often this is enough to prevent years of suffering and the medicalising of their distress with psychiatric labels and medication. Delegates will also be trained to know when to seek the support of psychologist-led supervision and when, due to limits of competence, to refer on.

The course not only focuses on work with individual children but also on changing whole school cultures to be mentally healthy for all. The curriculum covers interventions designed specifically to address teacher stress, teacher absence and poor staff retention.

If you want to change troubled Children's lived, reduce exclusions and improve pupil attendance and staff retention, while positively impacting on the mental health of the school culture as a whole, then this certificated training is a must.

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Greenshaw Research School Newsletter

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The  November edition of Greenshaw Research School's newsletter is now available. This edition focuses on the exciting release of the Professional Development Guidance Report, including Kirstin Mulholland exploring the mechanisms of what makes successful PD, and Tom Needham considering why we should all have an understanding of cognitive science for the classroom. 

A number of the Greenshaw RS courses are now underway, but you're not too late to sign up for our full courses on Curriculum Development, Cognitive Science in the Classroom and Making the Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils - more information towards the bottom of this newsletter. Keep an eye out too for a new course starting in 2022 on the evidence behind successful Professional Development in schools.

Download the November newsletter here

(Remember you can also download past editions of their newsletter here)

Plymouth Secondary Leadership Development Programme Event

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We are delighted to invite you to our inaugural event for the Plymouth Leadership Development Programme. This is an exclusive event for Plymouth CEOs, Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Assistant Headteachers , Trustees and Chairs of Governors and will be an opportunity to hear from a range of inspiring speakers, a chance to network with like-minded-leaders, and give you time away from school to reflect and strategise.

Plymouth Leadership Development Programme - Effective Teaching & Learning

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We are delighted to invite you to our first teaching and learning event, open to all Plymouth teaching colleagues.

The focus of the afternoon will be on creating the right teaching and learning narrative including:

  • strengthening teaching principles,
  • effective DDIs/teacher coaching
  • focused whole school CPD with impact