Maths Hubs - Funded Professional Development Programmes

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The Jurassic and CODE Maths Hubs are now inviting applications for two funded professional development programmes.

The Teaching for Mastery Advocates Work Group offers a maths department £2000 for a bespoke, one year programme in which a trained TfM Specialist will work with them to develop Teaching for Mastery. The programme is structured so that a participating school nominates two maths teachers to become 'TfM Advocates' and these advocates work with the Hub’s TfM Specialist to support the department in developing the pedagogies and practices associated with the NCETM’s Teaching for Mastery programme.

The funding is offered to allow time for the advocates to meet and plan with the Specialist, and to then work alongside their own department.

The Teaching for Mastery Specialist Programme is a longer term programme, lasting three years, and funded at £3000 per year for the first two years. A successful applicant will spend one year working to develop their own practice in Teaching for Mastery, including attending three residential Professional Development sessions. In the second year of the programme they will broaden their work to include working with their own department to develop the pedagogies and practices associated with the NCETM’s Teaching for Mastery programme. During Year 2 they will attend a further two residentials, and complete the NCETM’s PD Lead Programme.

In Year 3 of the programme the TfM Specialist will expand their work further and will support other schools in developing Teaching for Mastery. This work is funded at the same rate as SLE work up to a maximum of 15 days for the year.

Further details and application forms can be found here.

The Secondary Teaching for Mastery Lead for Jurassic and CODE is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please get in touch with Richard if you have any questions about either programme.