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As part of your role within your Teaching School and/or your role as an NLE, we know that you will be supporting schools in challenging situations.

We would like to draw your attention to our Primary Mastery Readiness programme which can help to support these schools by focusing on the following key areas:

  • the development of effective leadership that will remove barriers and put in place structures to support change and teacher professional development in relation to teaching for mastery,
  • the development of classroom culture and attitudes to mathematics that will support a teaching for mastery approach, both on the part of teachers and their pupils. 

This will be achieved through the engagement of the head and lead teachers in six training/networking events throughout the year and each school will receive free and regular bespoke support visits from an accredited Mastery Readiness Lead.  This then results in the schools receiving 4 years of sustainable development made up of:

Year 1: Mastery Readiness

Year 2: Teaching for Mastery (development year)

Year 3: Teaching for Mastery (embedding year)

Year 4: Teaching for Mastery (sustaining year).

There is no charge for participation in the 4 year programme and in the second development year the schools receive funding of £1000 to help towards supply costs (textbook match funding may also be available). 

We would welcome recommendations from you of the schools who you think will benefit from the programme. Generally primary schools that meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • has Inadequate for at least their most recent Ofsted inspection or has been judged at RI for the last two or more of their most recent Ofsted inspections
  • has mathematics identified as an area for development as part of a School Improvement offer
  • has low progress or attainment data for mathematics across the school
  • has been identified, by their Local Authority, as being suitable for the programme
  • identifies as needing additional support for leadership of mathematics
  • has a high turnover of staff, meaning that the implementation of sustained change can be difficult

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to Lisa Pollard on the number below.

Mrs Lisa Louise Pollard, Maths Hub Lead, Boolean Maths Hub, CLF Institute