Edtech Demonstrator Programme of FREE Short eLearning Courses 

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Now accepting registrations! 

 ‘The EdTech Demonstrator Programme’ is delighted to launch a series of FREE differentiated CPD offer,  providing support and training to our SW settings across the region from our network of 48 Demonstrator schools and colleges, during the course of the Spring Term 2021. 

The SW Disadvantage Working Group is working with the The EdTech Demonstrator Programme to provide a differentiated CPD partnership,  providing support and training to our schools and colleges across the region, starting week Commencing 25th January 2021.


Participation Process:

We have created a simple process for schools to participate in the partnered and fully funded EdTech Demonstrator Programme to help support school leaders and teachers across the South West of England: 

  1. Schools and colleges, teachers and leaders, sign up for courses via CPD Portal (www.cpdportal.org) to gain access to the offer of support

  2. Supported settings complete Programme Initiator Document (PID) for each webinar

  3. Supported settings gain access to short courses & remote education materials from Edtech Demonstrator Programme in advance of webinar

  4. Webinar tailored to the topic provides surgery style support to supported settings

  5. Further support through Edtech Demonstrator Programme offered until Easter 2021. 

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme will provide: 

  • A programme of CPD for the term.

  • A ‘Project Initiation Documents (PID) completed by the first session enables each school to benefit from surgeries + learning resources + 1:1 and ‘Demonstrator’ support throughout.

  • Supported with a series of targeted, practical mixed delivery leadership and teaching & learning resources.

  • 1hr webinar sessions are facilitated by Demonstrators. 

  • Online surgeries time to ask questions and benefit from peer-discussions in a group. ​​

For teaching and learning include:

  • Pastoral Provision

  • Scaffolded Learning

  • Accessible Technology

  • At Home Engagement

For leaders….AND MORE!

  • At Home Engagement

  • Device Procurement Practices

  • Inclusive Visions & Digital Strategy Roadmap

  • Lack of devices

A full schedule of events is  available for booking on the CPD Portal platform.

Improving Subject Literacy: Unlocking the Curriculum for All (Modular Programme)

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A modular programme based on the EEF’s guidance and rooted in the latest research, this professional development programme will enable your teachers to make confident decisions that will help your pupils access the complexities of the new curriculum in every subject.

Over nine modules, some synchronous and some asynchronous, participants will develop a deep understanding of what the research says makes for effective teaching of disciplinary (subject-specific) literacy, and apply this in their schools.

Participants will be given a wealth of strategies for vocabulary instruction, reading and writing in every subject discipline.

Launch date: APRIL 23rd (9:30 – 13:30), face-to-face or online

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Handling confirmed COVID-19 cases over Christmas

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Guidance for Handling Confirmed COVID-19 cases over Christmas from the Confederation of School Trusts. 

This resource is intended to supplement the government’s guidance to schools and it should not be used instead of government guidance. Schools and Trusts should read the full government guidance and CST accepts no liability for schools not following such guidance.

View the Guidance Here

The Boolean Maths Hub - Non-Conference

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Tasks, readings and recordings available the week before. Online discussions, activities (including some you can do with your children at home) and fantastic speakers on the day.

Come to what you can & participate as much as is possible. 

Confirmed contributors include: Andrew Jeffrey, Debbie Morgan, Dietmar Kuchermann, Pete Wright & many more from the Boolean team, and beyond.


Further information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

You can view the lastest Boolean Maths Hub Newsletter Here.