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Balcarras is an outstanding 11-18 comprehensive secondary school, based in Cheltenham and National Star, a national charity based in Gloucestershire, are among the 20 schools and colleges chosen for their excellence in use of technology.

Balcarras and National Star will provide packages of support, ranging from guidance, online tutorials, webinars and recorded content to schools and colleges in the South West.

"As a school we have have always seen the value in educators working together to share best practice. In our work as a teaching school and through the GLOW maths hub we have a proven track record in supporting other schools. The Edtech demonstrator programme gives us the opportunity to engage with even more colleagues." (Dominic Burke, headteacher of Balcarras).

“One of our charity’s objectives is to share our best practice and expertise and the edtech demonstrator programme will enable us to support even more education professionals at a time with virtual learning is so vital. “We have done a wide range of peer to peer learning across the globe in such countries as India, Germany and Croatia. Throughout our history National Star has been innovative in making technology accessible for people with disabilities.” (Simon Welch, principal of National Star)


Primary, Secondary

Lead Contact Name

Dominic Burke and Simon Welch

Organisation Address

E End Rd, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham